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Profile | Multi-layer PCB Manufacturing Process - 14

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PCB Manufacturing

The process of PCB profile is to cut the production panel into specific sizes and shapes based on the customer's design requirements. To facilitate PCB assembly, the boards can be profiled in individual boards or panel forms, depending on their sizes or numbers. PCB panelization can improve the soldering efficiency of assembly. Also, for some irregularly-shaped boards, panelization allows for more efficient use of board area, thus reducing material waste and costs. For rigid PCBs, there are two commonly used methods of profiling: Tab routing and V-scoring. And the specific choice depends on the methods of PCB panelization, the board shape, and other aspects.


Tab Routing

Tab routing is the process of using a milling machine to mill out the specified panel patterns according to the outline file, which can get high dimensional accuracy and a smooth board surface. During routing, registration holes are firstly drilled on the pad of the milling machine, and then the board and the pad are fixed together by pins. Next, the routing is performed based on the outline data and it can be processed with several boards overlapped at the same time. Finally, a cleaning operation needs to be processed to remove the dust or debris remaining on the board surface, holes, V-shaped grooves, and other places. After drying, the board is transferred to the quality control inspection.



At the same time, we can also profile boards through the V-scoring method. V-scoring is to cut a V-shaped groove on both sides of the circuit board that needs to be divided through the V-scoring machine. The depth of the grooves is generally one-third of the board thickness. V-scoring allows the panels to be easily separated after assembly while leaving the board intact. And it is also a cost-effective panelization method in PCB manufacturing, which can save materials and fabrication costs. However, this process can only be suitable for square panels, and cannot process multiple panels simultaneously.

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