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Our factory has resumed production since February 10,2020. But only part of production was resumed. PCB prototype(<=100pcs) and small-batch(Within 1m2) production is now only supporting Green Solder Mask,and HASL with lead, HASL lead free, Immersion gold(ENIG) Surface treatment. Batch production is available for all colors. Learn more resuming operations details and update >>

PCB Prototype the Easy Way

Full feature custom PCB prototype service.

pcb prototype High Reliability and a guaranteed/durable PCB Advanced PCB Capabilities Advanced PCB Capabilities

Different Design
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Tg140 FR-4 Tg150 FR-4 Tg170 FR-4 Tg150 FR-4(Halogen-free) Tg170 FR-4(Halogen-free) High-CTI(>=600V) High-CTI(Halogen-free,>=600V) ≈High Speed(GHz) ≡High Frequency PCBs(DK) Special Material(High low temperature)

*Tg150 FR-4 Material: Shengyi S1000-H

*Tg170 FR-4 Material: S1000-2, S1000-2M, IT180A

Silkscreen:tip help

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Additional Options (Castellated holes,Edge Plating,impedance control...)

We may add extra cost for these special options which will be confirmed after review.

  • Half-cut/Castellated Holes Layers pcb help
  • Edge Plating Layers pcb help
  • Impedance control Layers pcb help
  • Custom Stackup Layers pcb help
  • Carbon Mask Layers pcb help
  • Via in pad/ Via filled with resin Layers pcb help
  • Countersinks/Counterbores Layers pcb help
  • Z-axis milling Layers pcb help
  • Press-fit holes Layers pcb help
  • via filled with copper Layers pcb help

Final Inspection
Report(free):Layers pcb help

  • Default Inspection Report
  • Microsection Inspection Report
  • Solderability Test Report
  • Thermal Stress Test Report
  • Impedance Test Report
  • Humidity indicator cards

Other Special request:

The above PCBs need assembly service