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Different Design
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Tg140 FR-4 Tg150 FR-4 Tg170 FR-4 Tg150 FR-4(Halogen-free) Tg170 FR-4(Halogen-free) High-CTI(>=600V) High-CTI(Halogen-free,>=600V) ≈High Speed(GHz) ≡High Frequency PCBs(DK) Special Material(High low temperature)

*Tg150 FR-4 Material: Shengyi S1000-H

*Tg170 FR-4 Material: S1000-2, S1000-2M, IT180A

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Additional Options (Castellated holes,Edge Plating,impedance control...) Hide

We may add extra cost for these special options which will be confirmed after review.

  • Half-cut/Castellated Holes Layers pcb help
  • Edge Plating Layers pcb help
  • Impedance control Layers pcb help
  • Custom Stackup Layers pcb help
  • Carbon Mask Layers pcb help
  • Via in pad/ Via filled with resin Layers pcb help
  • Countersinks/Counterbores Layers pcb help
  • Z-axis milling Layers pcb help
  • Press-fit holes Layers pcb help
  • via filled with copper Layers pcb help

Final Inspection
Report(free):Layers pcb help

  • Default Inspection Report
  • Microsection Inspection Report
  • Solderability Test Report
  • Thermal Stress Test Report
  • Impedance Test Report
  • Humidity indicator cards

Other Special request:

The above PCBs need assembly service