Manz to set up PCB equipment experimental factory in China

Germany-based equipment maker Manz AG will invest CNY8.0 million (US$1.3 million) to establish a PCB production equipment experimental factory at its existing plant in Suzhou, eastern China, according to Manz Taiwan. The experimental factory will simulate manufacturing processes and make PCB production equipment based on a cleanroom environment, Manz Taiwan said. Establishment of the experimental factory is motivated by the fast growing demand for HDI and flexible PCBs used in smartphones, tab...

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Slight growth in PCB production in 2013

Due to the Christmas holiday season, December sales figures fell for PCB manufacturers. Many customers stopped taking deliveries before year end to show the lowest possible inventory values on December 31, 2013. writes the German industry association ZVEI PCB and Electronic Systems. Turnover for 4Q/2013 was 2% higher that during the corresponding quarter in 2012. Even for 2013 (as whole), figures closed slightly higher than in 2012. Order intake in December stood almost 7% lower than that of D...

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TPT to ramp up PCB production capacity

PCB maker Taiwan PCB Techvest (TPT) will ramp up its PCB capacity to 1.2 million square feet a month in the second quarter of 2014 and to 1.5 million square feet by the end of the third quarter, according to industry sources. TPT is expected to see its share in the global notebook board market expand substantially in 2014 as it has managed to increase the number of its clients for notebook boards from three to five, the sources revealed. Additionally, TPT's shipments of optoelectronics boards ...

PCB production printed circuit board

How Lean Manufacturing Adds Value to PCB Production

In an earlier paper, we established the importance of design for manufacturing (DFM) in today’s PCB manufacturing environment. PCBs designed using those techniques typically experience reduced failure rates, cost less to manufacture, and minimize waste during production. While DFM certainly represents a powerful tool for PCB manufacturers, it is one component of a broader Lean manufacturing (Lean) philosophy focused on eliminating any production component that does not deliver value to the cust...

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Identifying the Source of PCB Corrosion

Being able to determine the cause of corrosion on a printed circuit board assembly will allow you to be able to both clean up the corrosion and prevent further issues from arising. Contamination can be caused from a variety of sources, including packaging, installation, the environment and the application itself. There are a number of steps that you can take to find the culprit on your PCB and remove it. A scanning electron microscope (SEM) can help determine the elemental composition of the cor...

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PCB industry towards high-end products to change the development mode

China has become the largest producer of PCB , PCB production , but to become a powerhouse companies also need to grasp the PCB industry to a higher density development opportunities to enhance the technical level, has introduced to the market needs of high-tech products . According to the China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA) statistics , China 's PCB ( printed circuit board ) value reached $ 14.3 billion in 2007 , accounting for 28.6 % of global market share , surpassing Japan as the world...

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PCB design engineering to achieve high performance

In the electronics industry is driven by Moore's Law, the product more powerful, more integrated, faster and faster rate signal, the product development cycle is getting shorter, PCB design also entered the High-speed PCB design era. PCB no longer merely fulfills the function of interconnecting the carrier, but all electronic products as a very important component. In this paper, to achieve high-performance PCB design engineering point of view, a comprehensive analysis of the IT industry in all ...

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Controllable high-speed PCB design and electromagnetic compatibility

First PCB layout In PCB design, layout is an important step to complete product design , it can be said in front of the preparations for it are doing throughout the PCB , layout design process to define the highest and most detailed tips , maximum workload . There are single-sided PCB layout wiring , double-sided and multilayer wiring wiring . Wiring there are two ways : automatic routing and interactive routing , automatic routing before , you can use the interactive advance more stringent req...

PCB PCB board layout PCB design PCB manufacturing PCB production PCB layout

PCB manufacturing techniques may

The ultimate goal is to achieve the implementation of DFM cost- effective manufacturing . This will be to maintain a high yield ( low waste ) and minimal design revision and implementation. We also need to recognize that the application makes the process capability DFM been fully realized. DFM must be seen as a logical thinking throughout the new product introduction (NPI) process chain of a job. It is not an idea or a design afterthought after the completion of an additional supplement . In gen...

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pcb industry continue to Asia

PCB from different types of development, the microplate , package substrate , flexible circuit boards will be the future growth of the largest species, the combined average annual growth rate of 2008 to 2013 will remain 3.6 percent . In recent years , after the electronics into the era of meager profit from the global PCB production base and gradually migrated to Europe and America, the Asia-Pacific region , the Asian region in the world, the focus of the printed circuit board production is sti...

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PCB schematic production process

PCB schematics by PCB copy board PCB file Figure technical basis or directly launch anti- PCB circuit diagram of the physical product , but also by the positive and Electronics Engineers designed according to customer requirements. But whether it is being used in the study analyzes the reverse circuit board schematics and operating characteristics of the product , or be re- used in the forward design of the PCB design basis and foundation , PCB schematics have a special role. Moreover, plays an ...

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PCB PCB design quality audit

SMT PCB production to ensure the quality of the process , PCB design and quality is the precondition for quality assurance , if negligence on the PCB design quality control, or lack of effective means of control, often resulting in a large mass loss and waste . Combined with the actual situation and relevant information in accordance with this situation the assembly process , summarize and review the contents of the project SMT PCB PCB design process from the trial process engineering and profes...

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Conventional PCB design

Sequentially through traditional PCB design schematic design, layout design , PCB production, measurement and commissioning process , as shown in Fig . In the schematic design phase, due to the lack of effective methods of analysis and simulation tools required to make a pre-analysis of the signal transmission characteristics of the actual PCB and schematic design data sheet for general reference only components or past design experience to . And for - a new design project, depending on the cir...

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Balanced approach layered PCB design PCB

Advantages balance layered PCB design PCB : low cost, easy to bend, shorten delivery times , quality assurance . PCB designers possible PCB circuit board design will be designed surprisingly few -layer circuit board (PCB). If no additional wiring layer , why use it? Do not allow the board to reduce the layer thinner it? If the board is at least one layer , do not lower the cost of it ? However, in some cases , an additional layer but will reduce costs. The circuit board has two different struc...

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How do the printed circuit board

printed circuit boards are produced in a bulk e is the electronic enthusiasts can best embody the production level of technology. PCB printed circuit board short, factory production and amateur production are very different. Factories generally based circuit schematic diagram provided by the customer to design a printing plate with a computer map, and then through photolithography techniques to make the PCB, and the solder, printing, etc. to form the finished product, requires a series of device...

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SD card PCB production Precautions

1. Note that item number and name plates are accurate, item number and name plates include the name of the schematic , the file name under schmetic schematics , documentation, lower right corner of the schematic description of the site . Schematic no network connected to pin fight fork. Before the existence of the network lead joints , there are still deleted after the network name network name for the system number as NET-XXX. At this DRC error occurs , you need to completely remove the lead an...

PCB PCB production

PCB Production

A printed circuit board (PCB) mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. PCB's can be single sided (one copper layer), double sided (two copper layers) or multi-layer. Conductor on different layers are connected with plated-through holes called vias. Advanced PCB's may contain components - capacitors, resistors or active devices - embedded in the subs...

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China is a big country PCB production

PCB is the basis of the information industry, from computers, televisions and other electronic toys, almost all electronic products have circuit boards in existence. China's electronic circuit industry and the electronics and information industry, China in recent years has maintained a high-speed growth. This growth trend will continue until 2010 or longer period of time. In particular, in recent years China's consumer electronics and automotive electronics is the rapid development of electronic...

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PCB industry in the country 's rapid development process

PCB industry in the country 's rapid development process PCB is the basic information of the electronic components industry , the electronic components industry are the main pillar industries. Currently, the global PCB industry accounted for a quarter of GDP over the electronic components industry , electronics industry segments are each the largest proportion of the industry, production value reached $ 40 billion . With the continuous expansion of PCB applications , and its importance is still...

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Switching time PCB circuit board assembly and special performance

Assembly of electronic products because of the large number of components , as well as a wide variety of electronic product life cycle is short and so on , to the production operation scheduling an enormous challenge and variety, low-volume , variable -volume electronics manufacturing has become a mainstream mode of production . In this mode , the switching time between the many varieties occupy an increasingly large proportion of the entire assembly time . By the high-speed placement machine a...

PCB PCB production PCB assembly

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