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SD card PCB production Precautions

by: Jan 21,2014 1004 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

PCB PCB production

1. Note that item number and name plates are accurate, item number and name plates include the name of the schematic , the file name under schmetic schematics , documentation, lower right corner of the schematic description of the site . Schematic no network connected to pin fight fork. Before the existence of the network lead joints , there are still deleted after the network name network name for the system number as NET-XXX. At this DRC error occurs , you need to completely remove the lead and crossed .

2. do boards, including the need to export the file GERBER file , puzzle drawing attention to the request to open board material requirements specified in need .

3. SD cabo board , we must first place a good document based on actual needs. Documents are to take place positioning coordinates , in order to ensure the least bit is not bad . Note that the master and FLASH not close to the edge , set aside at least 0.5mm of space , is considered out of production.

4 . Exporting CAD file to DXF file suffix to the Engineering Manager , note in mm.

5. to clarify the first primary and secondary wiring relationship between the signal lines of the main signal line CLK and VSD, in general , CLK signal lines need to be surrounded by ground or land .

6. to signal the completion of all the copper wiring shop , observed that land as large as possible , the gap between the signal line as small as possible , so that you can expand the land . To the top and bottom are connected to a reliable , both in the case of the upper and lower copper , multi- punched connected .

7. For the test point , you want to try to balance the state distribution test point spacing to be consistent, to compare possible fixed .

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