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PCB PCB design quality audit

by: Jan 25,2014 1106 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

PCB PCB production PCB design PCB outline drawing

SMT PCB production to ensure the quality of the process , PCB design and quality is the precondition for quality assurance , if negligence on the PCB design quality control, or lack of effective means of control, often resulting in a large mass loss and waste . Combined with the actual situation and relevant information in accordance with this situation the assembly process , summarize and review the contents of the project SMT PCB PCB design process from the trial process engineering and professional staff member of the PCB design , PCB for product designers and craftsmen reference.

One , SMT design process

New product development process is often divided into programs PCB design stage, the initial stage of the PCB design , PCB design engineering phase , the model and the pre-production stage , production stage , and several other aspects .

1 . Program PCB design stage

In the new product research, analysis and project process, the product should PCB designers and craftsmen were planning product features based on standards and technical requirements , appearance PCB design and process methods and recommendations should be adopted .

2 Preliminary PCB design stage

Upon completion of shape and structure of the PCB design, the planning of the SMT PCB outline drawing , which shows the main planning a PCB width and thickness requirements , and structural parts mounting hole size and position , the edge size should be set aside , so that the circuit wiring PCB PCB designers to design within the effective range.

3 PCB design stage of the project

In the circuit PCB designer PCB design process, according to various standards and manuals for detailed routing , to achieve functional .

4 prototype and pre-production stage

According to PCB design data processing SMT, PCB, PCB design features to verify whether the processes and meet the requirements .

5. Mass production stage

PCB SMT PCB design in various stages of PCB designer should always conduct their own PCB design self-censorship , technologists should also be reviewed regularly to make recommendations and solutions. And in each stage of the project after the completion of the PCB design phase of the PCB designer self-censorship and craftsmen of the reviewer for important and key, detailed below this stage self-examination and review the project and content and some basic principles of PCB design.

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