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PCB schematic production process

by: Jan 25,2014 1605 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

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PCB schematics by PCB copy board PCB file Figure technical basis or directly launch anti- PCB circuit diagram of the physical product , but also by the positive and Electronics Engineers designed according to customer requirements. But whether it is being used in the study analyzes the reverse circuit board schematics and operating characteristics of the product , or be re- used in the forward design of the PCB design basis and foundation , PCB schematics have a special role. Moreover, plays an integral role in product design , commissioning, maintenance and improvement process.

PCB production was broken reverse schematics PCB copy board services , generally only provide a model , or PCB file, you can deduce that this PCB schematic or PCB document template .

PCB schematic production process:

An analysis of PCB layout , the circuit is divided into several units ;

2 , prepare two computers, a PCB document view , a schematic drawing ;

3 , the transfer of all the components within the unit circuit , according to the experience with the layout ;

4 , a network of high brightness within the PCB document display , connected electrically coupled to the line on another computer ; then after the whole network , which network PCB delete drop within the document ;

5 Repeat the above two , until all network within the PCB document is deleted finished, and then optimize the schematic .

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