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PCB manufacturing techniques may

by: Feb 24,2014 716 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

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The ultimate goal is to achieve the implementation of DFM cost- effective manufacturing . This will be to maintain a high yield ( low waste ) and minimal design revision and implementation. We also need to recognize that the application makes the process capability DFM been fully realized. DFM must be seen as a logical thinking throughout the new product introduction (NPI) process chain of a job. It is not an idea or a design afterthought after the completion of an additional supplement . In general , PCB design for manufacturability (DFM) tools must be embedded in all the tools , and the adoption of the necessary pre-defined rules and enforcement of these rules in the entire tool chain to get assured.

Keywords : PCB design for manufacturing

"DFM" - a three -letter acronym , and its significance in the design and manufacture according to your process chain in the role varies , or trivial , or important.

In today's electronics industry , there are several forces are driving the PCB design for manufacturability (DFM) process , in which the three most common are:

A new technology to increase the density of parts .

2 . Shorten the design cycle time needs

Implement 3 . Outsourcing and overseas manufacturing mode

To design smaller and lighter , but also has a growing demand for more features brought us a new printed circuit board production technology , such as sequential structure Diego , embedded passive and active components like design, and parts package technical innovations such as Micro-BGA, CSP and POP. All of this makes PCB design, fabrication and assembly becomes more complicated.

Shorten the " time to market " is an urgent need. Since PCB design may lead to the design cycle repeated average increase of a few weeks , thus delaying the time to market , so the manufacturability issues ( one of the major reasons leading to the design of repeated ) in PCB design time have an absolute necessity to eliminate as soon as possible .

Most people think , DFM simply perform some basic error checking on PCB CAD system to determine when the PCB production line will not be short-circuited , or assembled parts to ensure that the PCB will not interfere with each other.

In fact , DFM result means that the design has been optimized to get the maximum extent to ensure that the product can be the most efficient way to production, assembly and testing - to eliminate redundant processes may lead to additional time and costs. A fully optimized design will even take into account the manufacturing yield of the product.

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