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Conventional PCB design

by: Jan 24,2014 980 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

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Sequentially through traditional PCB design schematic design, layout design , PCB production, measurement and commissioning process , as shown in Fig .

In the schematic design phase, due to the lack of effective methods of analysis and simulation tools required to make a pre-analysis of the signal transmission characteristics of the actual PCB and schematic design data sheet for general reference only components or past design experience to . And for - a new design project, depending on the circumstances it may be difficult for the component parameters , circuit topology , network termination , etc. make the right choice .

In the PCB layout , the same lack of effective means to make real-time analysis and assessment of the impact laminated planning , component placement, routing , etc. arising on , then layout is good or bad is usually dependent on the experience of the designer.

In conventional PCB design process , PCB performance can be assessed after production is complete . If you can not meet the performance requirements, you need to go through repeated testing, especially for the problem is difficult to quantify the schematic design and layout design parameters need to be repeated several times . Under increasing complexity of systems , increasingly shorter design cycle requirements , the need to improve the PCB design methods and processes to meet the needs of modern high-speed system design.

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