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China is a big country PCB production

by: Jan 16,2014 699 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

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PCB is the basis of the information industry, from computers, televisions and other electronic toys, almost all electronic products have circuit boards in existence. China's electronic circuit industry and the electronics and information industry, China in recent years has maintained a high-speed growth. This growth trend will continue until 2010 or longer period of time. In particular, in recent years China's consumer electronics and automotive electronics is the rapid development of electronic circuits industry to provide a broad space.

According to reports, China's mainland now PCB production enterprises around 1000, 2006, the output value of 12.8 billion US dollars, has become the first large-scale production of PCB exports amount of 7.65 billion US dollars, the PCB industry over the past few years remain in a deficit of 12.5 about 100 million US dollars. Compared with 10 years ago, printed circuit board production increased by 8.5 times, export volume grew by 35 times. Printed circuit output from China, in 2005 China PCB production breakthroughs 110 million square meters, which accounts for nearly half of Multilayer, 2006 to 129.64 million square meters output.

As countries around the world have invested in China's IT industry, Electronic Equipment manufacturing the rapid development of the countries in the world PCB enterprises in China have been conducting large-scale investment, world-renowned PCB production enterprises, the vast majority in China has already established a production base and aggressively expand. It can be expected in recent years, China is still the world PCB production enterprises and the transfer of important investment destination.

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