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PCB industry towards high-end products to change the development mode

by: Mar 04,2014 810 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

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China has become the largest producer of PCB , PCB production , but to become a powerhouse companies also need to grasp the PCB industry to a higher density development opportunities to enhance the technical level, has introduced to the market needs of high-tech products .

According to the China Printed Circuit Association (CPCA) statistics , China 's PCB ( printed circuit board ) value reached $ 14.3 billion in 2007 , accounting for 28.6 % of global market share , surpassing Japan as the world's largest producer of PCB . But how power to a power shift from the production of PCB manufacturing , PCB enterprises should also insist on a fine from seeking to make a fuss .

PCB to high density fine

With electronic machine products to multi-functional, compact, lightweight direction, multilayer, flexible printed circuit board FPC, Rigid-flex PCB , high density interconnect laminates (HDI / BUM), IC packaging variety board have become high demand products.

PCB product structure from the world , the next generation of electronic systems requirements for PCB outstanding performance in high density and more refined . China Printed Circuit Association consultant , said Lin Chin- blocking , PCB products has begun to partially or fully laminates towards high density interconnect (HDI / BUM), encapsulated base ( carrier ) boards, integrated ( potting ) Components PCB and rigid - flexible PCB . In the next period of time , these four types of PCB products will become the highlight of the four PCB industry, and the future is more advanced in the "light signals " printed circuit board transmission and optical computing will replace the existing order " signals " calculating transmission and a printed circuit board.

Meiko Electronics Shinozaki , general manager , said the state government , the rapid popularization of digital home appliances, such as mobile phones , digital television, as well as low consumption , spacious and comfortable cars and other products, making the demand for HDI multilayer continues to expand, thus contributing to the thickness and layers of crack and other problems . He stressed that , PCB -centric mobile phone to any layer structure will gradually become the industry mainstream .

Industry pundits described these trends as indicating the domestic PCB enterprise roadmap of future technology development , companies should grasp the opportunity in the course of the PCB industry to a higher technological development, to meet the challenge .

Of bulk raw material price pressure

In recent years , PCB industry continued price increases of raw materials in the overall tone fluctuate significantly every year , if corporate control is not good, not to hedge risks, will face price fluctuations in operating profit to be material "swallowed " the situation may be even a loss .

Chairman and Managing Director Ann Copper Co., Ltd. Foshan Zhouteng Fang Cheng told reporters , to avoid the risk of raw material price increases , we must first clear positioning of enterprises that produce real business is done processing and manufacturing, to make the appreciation of the part in bringing the product during processing , so do not try to earn PCB companies often bring volatility of raw materials , " profit" , this can minimize the impact of raw material price increases to bring the enterprise.

Analysis of the reasons for PCB raw material prices , industry experts said , from a global perspective, there is a large factor in the impact of the international financial environment ; from the domestic perspective, the current domestic economic situation and personal behavior are manufacturers of raw materials raw materials rose PCB price incentives. Shennan Circuits general manager of radium , said PCB manufacturers should and materials suppliers in a chain point of view, can not be separated , the two sides should understand each other support. He pointed out that cooperation is a long-term business practices , our goal is to weather the crisis , if based on the short-term , perhaps a party to earn some interest, but in the long run it will damage the whole PCB industry chain will damage both sides partnership. Meanwhile , PCB enterprises themselves should take active to reduce costs, the development of alternative materials suppliers to develop more rational approach to customer quotes , dispersed material supply concentration, brought about by the pressure of rising costs .

Improve the technical quality is the key

Raw material prices will certainly have an impact domestic PCB enterprises , domestic PCB enterprises in order to truly achieve leapfrog development , it must adapt to the market and improve the quality PCB manufacturing technology , improve the technological content and value-added products to high-end PCB products forward, adapt to the transformation of the domestic industrial structure, in order to maintain sustainable development of enterprises and industries.

By the radium said the main problem currently facing China PCB companies are big but not strong , too scattered, at the low end of the market to start a price war as the representative of the vicious competition ; in the field of high-end products to foreign -based or domestic enterprises generally small but not strong . China PCB enterprises in technological innovation, industrial progress, and enhance overall competitiveness aspect is still a long way to go . In addition, China PCB SME environmental awareness is relatively weak , likely to cause environmental pollution , thus affecting the social image of the entire industry , and even lead to many parts of the boycott PCB industry ; China PCB enterprises mainly rely on low-cost competition in the single market will also affect the entire model the healthy development of the industry.

For these problems , he suggested that the state and local governments can be targeted to boot from the following aspects : the first is the height of the PCB industry in the national electronic information industry development point of view , this is a decision the country's overall information industry level, the competitiveness of the country 's key ancillary products, especially high- multilayer backplane , HDI, IC packaging boards should become a national industrial policy to encourage and support the product . Second, due to the PCB industry has some pollution, this pollution is the development of the whole industry chain brings, we can not simply look at. High -tech , management practices, large -scale , promote energy conservation, clean production of PCB enterprises should focus on supporting ; And for many small businesses , and organizations should help to improve their environmental technology , and actively to catch up, for not satisfied requirements of the enterprise , there should be an appropriate exit mechanism. Third, to appropriately raise the threshold for new entrants priority businesses big and strong support within existing industries, reduce social costs.

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