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How do the printed circuit board

by: Jan 21,2014 754 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

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printed circuit boards are produced in a bulk e is the electronic enthusiasts can best embody the production level of technology. PCB printed circuit board short, factory production and amateur production are very different. Factories generally based circuit schematic diagram provided by the customer to design a printing plate with a computer map, and then through photolithography techniques to make the PCB, and the solder, printing, etc. to form the finished product, requires a series of devices.

The traditional amateur production can only increase the use of copper-clad printed circuit board etching solution method of making soil. In recent years introduced a universal test plates, photographic circuit boards and other new technologies, the liberation of the majority of electronics enthusiasts and electronic product developers. Coupled with the popularity of the PC, the circuit design CAD software to automatically generate a PCB (printed circuit board) has not a difficult matter. Even printed directly on the board to do the film with photosensitive printing plates is so convenient.

Bitbaby in the secondary school curriculum had ORCAD software, use it to design a typical application circuit 8031, I feel really good. Teachers are not allowed to use the automatic routing capabilities ORCAD, goes hand-wiring diagram Bitbaby can be beautiful, the alignment of the corner is a smooth transition, give full consideration to this design to make printing plates more firmly that the teacher thought it was automatic wiring it (do not boast a :-). But unfortunately it did not have a printer to print out the PCB.

PROTEL is well known for the majority of electronics enthusiasts, but unfortunately it did not Bitbaby deep study. General electronic circuits produced not complicated, veterans, and as long as the mind can design a printed circuit board diagrams, they still talk about the traditional method of making PCB bar.

First, according to the paper design schematic view of a printed circuit board, the proper connection between the various components is important, but also note the size of components, the arrangement position of interference. (After Bitbaby write an article about how to design a dedicated PCB.) Designed to be repeated after the completion of the proof schematics, and identify the physical components into their respective positions, pitch adjustment, alignment and so on. Note that positive and negative, and sometimes the opposite is not carefully designed, can trace the artwork on the carbon once, then the back of the paper there is a need.

Bitbaby PCB production method is designed to cut down 1:1 drawings, copper clad on one side with a transparent glue copper surface, and then drilling where needed punch to knock about with the form concave pits, and then a small drill hole so it will not slip up. Then a small drill with homemade (recorders motor modification) punch, kick after drawing all torn directly with a brush dipped in paint scan lines.

Because of the positioning holes have been drawn up is not difficult, just remember that a few holes are linked together just fine. Generally not complex circuit boards in such a way making fast (even carbon are saved :-), if complex circuits can be sandwiched between a carbon paper drawings and Bonded Copper, and then scan the printed board map again, playing describe a deep hole where something, then paint with a brush dipped in description lines.

If you do not paint, can be used to better describe the quality of the marker line, or correction fluid description, correction fluid just too beautiful depiction of the circuit board, consistent with the width of the need to fix dry. You can also use nail polish dries faster, easier to use than some correction fluid. Keep a distance between the lines described attention when surrounded around the hole to be formed in order to facilitate welding.

Paint better time to dry, such as the paint is dry after the etching solution can be put in water with ferric chloride etchant general dispositions, ferric chloride as a yellow solid earth, but also easy to absorb moisture in the air, so should be sealed. When configuring the ferric chloride solution is generally 40% of ferric chloride and 60% water, of course, more ferric chloride, or with warm (not hot, to prevent peeling paint) allows faster reaction speed .

Note ferric chloride has certain corrosive, it is best not to get on your skin and clothes (hard to wash :-( reaction vessel with cheap plastic pots, fit like a circuit board. Corrosion from the edge the beginning, when no trace of copper corrosion paint should be promptly removed after the circuit board to prevent the peeling paint lines etched useful.

Then rinse with water, the way the paint is scraped off with bamboo and other objects (in this case from the liquid inside the paint easier to remove). If the scratch is not easy, washed with hot water just fine. Then dry, clean and polished with sandpaper, to reveal the shiny foil, a printed circuit board to do the work. To save the results, Bitbaby usually coated with rosin was good again polished boards, either flux, and can prevent oxidation.

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