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Build Time: 2-3 Business Days
Material type: Plastic, Impact resistant
ASA is a production-grade thermoplastic that can be combined with FDM technology to achieve perfect performance. ASA can build durable prototypes for fitting, shape and functional testing, or make practical end-use parts for outdoor use. Ranging from electrical equipment housings and brackets to sporting goods and car prototypes, ASA materials can make your designs more advantageous.
Process compatibility
Material Color
Material advantages
ASA material can provide excellent surface smoothness and is one of the most beautiful FDM 3D printing material on the market. Compared with ABS material, ASA material uses surface matte treatment, which significantly improves the printing of details including surface text and other characteristics.
Material shortcomings
Recommended description
ASA material is a general-purpose material used in the production of prototypes, manufacturing tools and final products. It has excellent UV stability, strength and durability. These material properties make it an ideal choice for manufacturers in the automotive, electronics, commercial, sports equipment and construction industries.
Common applications
• Automotive
• Electronics
• Commerce
• Sports equipment
• Construction industry
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