Meet PCBWay At Electronica 2018 (Messe München)

Venue:Messe MünchenDates:November 13–16, 2018 Opening hoursVisitorsExhibitorsJournalistsTuesday to Thursday09:00–18:0008:00–19:0008:45–18:00Friday09:00–17:0008:00–end of dismantling08:45–17: PCBWay Booth No.:A1.543-4◇Online Quotation Demonstration:Staffs of PCBWay will be consulted directly on PCB board design, manufacturing and assembly as well as PCB prototype and mass production. We will show some of our manufacturing examples in the booth so you can check the quality. ◇Main Exhib...

PCBWay Electronica 2018 Electronica Messe München PCB Board

Passive Components Aren’t Really So Passive (Part 3): PCBs

PCB flaws and errors that are usually hidden, or at least disguised, can introduce passive errors into IC performance. To understand how these errors occur, though, we must first examine the composition of a typical board. Sometimes the best way to hide something is in plain view. Magicians use this technique along with some distraction to amaze an audience. Our experience leads us to expect certain norms and see what we expect. Thus, boxes are square, not squished parallelograms. Spheres are ...

printed-circuit board (PCB) PCB board

Passive Components Aren’t Really So Passive (Part 2): Resistors

Resistors are called passive because they don’t have gain or control power like semiconductors or other active devices. But they can, and do, change the signal in unexpected ways because they have parasitic portions. Capacitors, resistors, inductors, connectors, and even the printed-circuit board (PCB) are called passive because they don’t have gain or control power like semiconductors or other active devices (see “Passive Components Aren’t Really So Passive (Part 1): Capacitors”). But these ap...

printed-circuit board (PCB) pcb board

Passive Components Aren’t Really So Passive (Part 1): Capacitors

Capacitors, resistors, inductors, connectors, and even the PCB are called passive because they don’t seem to consume power. But these apparently passive components can, and do, change the signal in unexpected ways because they all contain parasitic portions. Transistors and ICs are considered active components because they change signals using energy from the power supply. Capacitors, resistors, inductors, connectors, and even the printed-circuit board (PCB) are called passive because they don...

printed-circuit board (PCB) pcb board

Circuit Board Protection- Conformal Coating

Conformal coating is a protective and non conductive coating that is applied onto the printed circuit board. This protects the electronic assembly from damage that may be due to contamination, salt spray, moisture, fungus, dust and corrosion caused by harsh environments. How does conformal coating work?Conformal coating is a barrier that protects electronic components against harsh environments. They are a breathable protective layer that allows moisture trapped in the circuit board to escape. ...

Circuit Board Protection pcb board

Is 3D Printing the Future?

What is 3D PrintingAlso known as desktop fabrication and additive manufacturing, 3D printing is a prototyping process where a real object is created from a 3D design. 3D printing techniques were originally designed in the 90s to create inexpensive prototype parts for industrial and automotive design work. However, now the costs are falling, 3D printing is finding its way into a variety of industries. How does it work?There are several different 3D printing methods. In additive manufacturing, 3 ...

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European PCB Industry Background

The PCB fabrication industry is a key supplier to a wide range of EU-based electronics assemblers, systems manufacturers and end-users across many strategically important industry sectors, all of whom will also directly benefit from this project as a consequence of being able to source circuit board assemblies with enhanced reliability at more competitive prices. Approximately 300,000 people are employed in the design and assembly of electronics in the European Union. In recent years the electr...

PCB Industry PCB fabrication pcb board

SMT Resistors

SMT resistors or surface mount technology resistors are a type of passive electronic component. They are more precisely a low profile resistor that mounts directly to the printed circuit board (PCB) as opposed to a thru-hole resistor where the axial leads go through the board while the body of the resistors rests on top. They are extremely useful and popular where space or PCB real estate is at a premium. There are a number of different styles or types of SMT resistors. Chip resistors are commo...

printed circuit board (PCB) PCB board

Using A Laser Printer To Make Your PCB Board

Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I am circuit board a true "do-it-yourselfer". My father instilled in me at a young age that PCB you can do anything you set your mind to’ attitude. So when I heard that it is possible to make your own PCB at home using a laser printer, photo paper and a regular household iron, I knew I had to find out just how to do it. As an aside, this idea reminds me of the 25-year-old law student at the University of Texas who earlier this circuit board year thoug...

PCB Board printed circuit board

Flux Residues May Cause Harm On PCB Board

Flux residues have been the bane of reliability of PCB assemblies (PCBAs) from the first time they were used. However, it is necessary to use some sort of compound to reduce the oxides that form on the copper surface before soldering. circuit board Historically, activated rosin based fluxes were used to provide a surface for the solder to wet with. The problem with these fluxes is that they contained chlorine or bromine and remained corrosive after the soldering operation and would cause corrosi...

PCB Board PCB assembly printed wiring board

AT&S looks back on a successful financial year 2013/14

AT&S Group’s sales for the financial year 2013/14 reached EUR 590m, an increase of around 9% on the previous year’s total (2012/13: approx. EUR 542m). Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) amounted to EUR 127m, an increase of around 24% on the 2012/13 total of around EUR 102m. Consolidated net income for the financial year 2013/14 rose to EUR 38m. The capital increase (gross proceeds of about EUR 100m) and the placement of a bonded loan (gross proceeds of EUR...

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Circuit Board 'Brain': Are We Ready for 'Transcendence'?

Bioengineers at Stanford University have modeled a circuit board after the human brain. There is still a long way to go before it will be as big, powerful, and efficient as an actual brain, but it's still a huge step forward -- 9,000 times faster than the typical computer. Will this technology make brain upload -- such as that seen in the movie Transcendence -- possible? Current practical uses will come first Scientists at Stanford believe that the technology could be used to move prosthetic l...

Circuit Board PCB board

A Guide to Checking PCBs

Have you ever been left feeling hopeless when you realise your board has some major flaw after sending it off to be manufactured? Or worse yet, after you receive the board? Well, nothing can prevent that 100% of the time, but with these tips, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of that happening! First, check your schematic! Most of your problems will come from here. Things like wrongly naming nets (once, I named a segment “BIN” instead of “VIN” by accident, causing some stress…), not p...

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Capacitive Touch Sense on PCBs

Ever heard of capacitive touch sensing? It operates on a fairly simple principle: the human body can store charge. Touch an electrode on your board, which can also store charge, and you effectively change its capacitance, something which can be detected. In recent years, the popularity of this technology has grown tremendously. Atmel, for example, bombards you with their “QTouch” products when you visit their site. So what’s so great about it? Well, how cool is it to have sensors designed into ...

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Tips about printed circuit board design: Dealing with harmful PCB effects

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are by far the most common method of assembling modern electronic circuits. Composed of a sandwich of insulating layer (or layers) and one or more copper conductor patterns, they can introduce various forms of errors into a circuit, particularly if the circuit is operating at either high precision or high speed. PCBs, then, act as “unseen” components wherever they are used in precision circuit designs. Since embedded designers don’t always consider the PCB electric...

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BPA: China's Demand for PCBs, Laminates on the Rise

BPA use growth rates to forecast the near and medium term future prospects of the world's PCB and laminate industry. We track the demand for semiconductors which are in many instances aproximately 25% the value of an electronics assembly. The PCB can be typically 2 to 8% of the cost of the electronics assembly although even higher for some specialist boards such as those used in military and medical applications. Figure 1 shows the forecasted growth in demand for semiconductors. The cycle is ap...

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North American PCB Book-to-Bill Ratio Turns Positive

IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries announced today the Marchfindings from its monthly North American Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Statistical Program.Sales were up in March andthe book-to-bill ratio strengthened, returning to positive territory. Positive Sales Growth Returns Total North American PCB shipments increased4.8 percent in March 2014 from March 2013, strengthening year-to-date shipment growth to -0.8 percent. Compared to the previous month, PCB shipments jumped18.9 p...

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Fineline Enhances Euro Support as Key Viasystems' Rep

Fineline Global Ltd., a global supplier of PCBs, has entered into an agreement with the Viasystems family of companies to become a key Viasystems' European Representative. The agreement is a significant milestone in the initiative launched by Fineline in 2014 to address the needs of the defense, aerospace and medical sectors. Earlier this year Fineline established a new division that will focus on these market sectors. The division is headed by David Rotem who will lead and coordinate this eff...

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Conversations with...IPC's Sharon Starr

IPC’s 2012-2013 Analysis & Forecast for the North American PCB Industry report has just been published so I thought it would be a good idea to sit down with Sharon Starr, director of market research, and talk about how she and her team went about producing this impressive document. The best thing about this document is that it was compiled using real facts from a number of PCB fabricators representing 44% of the North America PCB market. Read on as Starr talks about the report, what it conta...

Printed circuit board PCB board

What Onshoring Means for North America

The 2013 update to the study, On-Shoring in the Electronics Industry: Trends and Outlook for North America, published by IPC — Association Connecting Electronics Industries, confirms that companies have continued to locate new operations in North America and are returning some existing operations to the region. It also finds that more on-shoring is planned for the coming year. A representative sample of 92 companies, with combined annual sales of US $50 billion, completed the survey. Survey res...

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