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How to input the number of unique parts?

bomlist.jpgNo. of Unique Parts means the number of components types on each board (listed in the BOM). Simply speaking, if one BOM has 15 kinds of parts NO. , then the number of unique parts is 15 too. There may be several designators of same part NO. on one board. It still can be considered as one number of unique parts. For example, in below bom list, the number of unique parts should be 15 not 21. The number of all components needed on one board is 21.

If you are not clear about the meaning of“Number of Unique Parts”, “Number of SMT Parts”and“Number of THT Parts”,we advice just fill in the blank of “Quantity” which marked with asterisk. The final price depends on your bom file. You can remark any requirements on the “detailed information of assembly”if you need.

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