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Why does my order not enter manufacturing state after payment?

1.There is an important process called “Pre Production Engineering”before real fabricating. Customer supplied PCB layout (Mostly Gerber File RS274X) is used to produce the manufacturing data for the specific PCB (artworks for imaging processes and drill data for drilling programs). Engineers compare demands/specifications against capabilities to ensure compliance and also determine the process steps and associated checks. No changes are allowed without customers' permission. 

2.For PCB prototype orders, several different designs will be put together on a standard panel. And if customer’s order quantity is large, a standard panel will be arranged separately.

All orders are produced in succession according to the delivery date. Normally, payment time is before 18:00 (GMT+8) that the order will be arranged for production on the same day.The board parameters of each design on one standard panel must be the same, the order with different parameters cannot be combined with one standard panel, so that production date may postponed one day.

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