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Our factory has resumed production since February 10,2020. But only part of production was resumed. PCB prototype(<=100pcs) and small-batch(Within 1m2) production is now only supporting Green Solder Mask,and HASL with lead, HASL lead free, Immersion gold(ENIG) Surface treatment. Batch production is available for all colors. Learn more resuming operations details and update >>

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To save the headaches of traditional ordering your prototype PCBs from your suppliers, offers a hassle-free ordering process through its online facilities, it is easy and fun. We have developed the self-quoting system and tracking bars, you will see how your orders of PCB prototype are progressing at our factory. Order can be place after a few clicks, and then just cross your fingers and wait for the DHL guy knocking your door. Here shows some of the PCB photos our satisfied customers shared with us!

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