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Example printed circuit boards manufactured by us.

We have the PCB manufacturing capabilities to build simple to complex bare boards.
Please review the example printed circuits below and let us know if you have any
questions or would like a formal quote

  • FPC 4 layers

    4 layers, Material: PI, Thickness: 0.8mm

  • FPC 4 layers -Thickness:0.2mm

    4 layers, Material: PI, Thickness: 0.2mm

  • FPC 12 layers

    12 layers, Material: PI, FR-4, Thickness: 1.6mm

  • FPC 10 layers

    10 layers, Material: PI, FR-4, Grosor: 2.0mm

  • FPC 4 layers -Thickness:1.6mm

    4 layers, Material: PI, FR-4, Thickness: 1.6mm

  • FPC 7 layers

    7 layers, Material: PI, FR-4, Thickness: 0.45mm

  • FPC 2 layers

    2 layers, Material: PI, silver film, Thickness: 0.1mm

  • 6 layered Rigid flex

    6 layers, Structure:1+1+2F+1+1

  • Telecom-8 layered Rigid flex

    8 layers, Structure:(2+1+2F+1+2) HDI

  • Mobile Bluetooth & USB

    0.6mm total thickness, Structure:1-2F-1

  • Mobile Display & Side Keys

    4 layered HDI with Buried holes, Structure:1-{(2)}-1

  • Camera Module

    4 layers, Structure:(1+2F+1) HDI

  • Mobile Display & Side Keys_2

    Rigid-Flex Thickness: 0.295 +/- 0.052mm, Structure:1+2F+1

  • Mobile Display & Side Keys_3

    Surface Finish:Immersion gold, Structure:1+2F+1

  • FPC-Structure (1+2F+1)

    Surface Finish: ENIG + Silver Paste, Structure:1+2F+1

  • FPC laminated structure (flex pcb)

    The highest 16-layer Rigid-flex PCB processing technology

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