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How do I get coupons or discounts?

You can get coupons and discounts in many different ways:

1.  On the Free PCB

Multiple Methods to Get Cash/Discount Coupon

Step 1: Get code by email (New Customers Only!) 
Step 2: Redeem code at My coupons/Account balance


Make a Review Video to Get a $20~100 cash Coupon ?
The cost of order that you reviewed can be refund to 
you when the video reaches 500 views.


Free PCBs+Free Shipping Via YouTube Cooperation?
Email: anson@pcbway.com


Spread the word with your link or over email. 
Refer & Earn $20 


Share your story about PCBWay in other platform to win $5-100 cash coupon, Learn more >>

Educational & Engineering PCB Program,First PCB Prorotype Order Free, Apply Now >>


Remember to leave a feedback when you have receivedyour PCBs, then you will have the opportunity to reward coupon.
Post a review >>

2.  On sale pages
During large sales, such as our Anniversary Sale , you will find different activities or games to win coupons and coins (which can be exchanged to coupons).

Usually, coupons are sent out during promotional events. Information about the activities will be sent to your email account directly. Please check your email from PCBWay and Messages Inbox regularly so as not to miss any coupon.


 You can visit our site or email to check the pages or follow PCBWay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagramto get updates about upcoming and ongoing activities.

If you have any question with ordering, feel free to contact us.

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