Top 3D printing tips

3D printing is a technique for layering a three-proportional structure that uses a computer-generated template. 3D printing is an additive method that involves building up layers of material to make a...

3D printing tutorial

Designing A Flexible PCB

Flexible circuits can offer a number of advantages over rigid PCBs being not only very thin but can include connection systems and cables as one single assembly. They can also be formed into the housi...

tutorial Flex-PCB

Делаем светодиодные часы CxemWatch-v1 на ATmega328p

Речь пойдет о светодиодных часах, построенных на чипе ATmega328p. Это первая модель, пока не имеет каких либо дополнительных функций, однако проста для повторения и собрана на доступных деталях.Электр...

tutorial PCB circuit

Generate Gerber file from Kicad 5.1.6

1. Open your .kicad_pcb fileAfter opening your Kicad project - .pro file, you can double click the .kicad_pcb file or click the “PCBNew” button to open your PCB editor.2. Plot your Kicad PCB as Gerber...

Tutorial PCB design Gerber Kicad

Generate Gerber file from Kicad

Usually, it is easier to generate Gerber files using Kicad than other PCB design software. All you need to do is to select the necessary layers and to not forget generating the DRILL file. Now, let’s ...

Gerber Kicad PCB design Tutorial

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