7 Surface Finish in PCBWay

A conventional printed circuit board (PCB) has a copper layer on the board. If the copper layer is not protected, it will be oxidized and damaged, directly affecting subsequent soldering. And surface finish is to enable protection of the surface and good solderability of the pcb. There are 7 different surface finish are available in PCBWay: HASL, ENIG, OSP, Hard gold, IS, ENEPIG and IT. Hot Air Solder Levelling (HASL)After the board is completely covered with solder, the excess solder on the sur...

ENEPIG ENIG OSP HASL solderability pcbway surface finish

How to Choose Lead-free Surface Finish Techniques

Introduction of Application of Lead-free Surface Finish Techniques:Whether lead-free HASL can be popularized will depend on the results of the scientific study and its promotion and influence, but its smooth surface and high temperature process problems may be obstacles. OSP technology is widely used when a flatter surface is required, long shelf life is not required, and multiple heating applications are not required. OSP is likely to replace HASL technology in a large number of general applica...

Surface Finish

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