7 Surface Finish in PCBWay

A conventional printed circuit board (PCB) has a copper layer on the board. If the copper layer is not protected, it will be oxidized and damaged, directly affecting subsequent soldering. And surface ...

surface finish pcbway solderability HASL OSP ENIG ENEPIG

What is the Purpose of Plating Nickel on PCB?

The chemical element symbol of nickel is Ni. Because of its excellent physical, mechanical, and chemical properties, nickel has many applications in engineering and industry, such as anti-corrosion, i...

ENIG Nickel Plating IMC Passivation Matte Tin Surface Treatment OSP

The Formation and Prevention of Black Pad and Phosphorus-Rich Layers

In our daily SMT soldering operations, we often find that ENIG surface-treated boards are prone to two fatal problems: nickel corrosion and phosphorus-rich layers. Once such problems occur, they often...

black pad phosphorus-rich layer SMT ENIG

Get to Know the ENEPIG — A type of the PCB surface finish

The Electroless Nickel Electroless Palladium Immersion Gold(ENEPIG) process is the earliest surface treatment process developed by Intel. By adding a palladium plating layer between nickel plating and...

ENEPIG ENIG PCB Surface Finish

Comparison of several PCB surface finish types

PCB surface finish is a coating between a component and a bare board PCB. It is applied for two basic reasons: to ensure solderability, and to protect exposed copper circuitry. As there are many types...

PCB surface finish OSP HSAL Lead Free HASL ENIG

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