SPI Mold Finish: Surface Finish For Injection Molded Parts

SPI mold surface finish: Surface finish of injection molded parts. The surface finish of injection mold on injection molded plastic parts is copied. Therefore, product designers need to convey the sur...

SPI Injection molding mold surface finish SPI finish

Chip to Chip Communication Protocols: An Overview and Design Considerations

Almost all PCBs will contain multiple ICs, which needs to communicate with each other. Similarly, many designs require data transfer among multiple PCBs. The most common protocols used in these types ...


Transfer data between the host and various attached devices --- Protocol Droid

Are you an embedded-software developer need to test and improve your projects?Protocol Droid is exactly what you need. It is an interface adapter board that can communicate with the host over USB and ...

Protocol Droid interface adapter SPI PWM

Omega2 + Expansion Dock——Easily connect modules, sensors, USB devices...

As an embedded-development company focused on various electronic devices, from IoT to industrial automation & robotics, Factorial Group, develops a new expansion dock for the Onion Omega2+developm...

IoT Linux Omega2+ SPI I2S I2C CrowdSupply PCBWay

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