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Our factory has resumed production since February 10,2020. But only part of production was resumed. PCB prototype(<=100pcs) and small-batch(Within 1m2) production is now only supporting Green Solder Mask,and HASL with lead, HASL lead free, Immersion gold(ENIG) Surface treatment. Batch production is available for all colors. Learn more resuming operations details and update >>

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Still submit your Gerber files and other PCB specifications via email and wait for another day or two for the quotation from your PCB suppliers? Everything about PCB prototype is the quickest possible turn and timeliness. develops an automatic quote software so that you may know the price of your PCBs instantly. Try to input some parameters and you will know how competitive our PCBs are when comparing with your last supplier of your prototype PCB. Browse some projects in the page, look at the prices, and you will get the same amazing prices as those makers did around the world.

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