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1 layer PCB Fabricator --- PCBWay.com

1 layer PCB board is the still in good demand especially for applications where space is not critical. PCBWay.com manufactures 1-layer boards whenever our customer ask us to do. We ensure the quality, as well as the competitiveness of the prices. Try to use our quotation page to figure out the cost of your PCBs, you leave us the details and let us etch your boards to fit your specifications. On this page you will see how 1-layer boards from our happy customers look like. Yours will look the same good! Trust us and try us!


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  • 2 Layers 1.6 mm 45*45mm HASL with lead 1 oz Cu

  • 2 Layers 2.4 mm 178*32mm HASL lead free 1 oz Cu

  • 2 Layers 1.6 mm 74*100mm HASL with lead 1 oz Cu


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