This is an Interface PCB designed for the Calliope Mini V1.3 and Fischertechnik

This is the NEW VERSION 1.0. providing larger holes (2.5mm) and the possibility to add a 9 to 3,3Volt convertermodul. So there is no need to use the batteriepack of the Calliope Mini.

You get easy access to all pins including the motordriverpins of the Calliope Mini. 9V can be added through standard fischertechnik-connectors or a 2,1mm round connector.

As a special feature the PCB has a micro:bit-style Connector. So you can add the Kitronik robotics board with 4 Motordrivers (or 2 Stepper) and 8 Servo-connectors. It uses I2C so you don′t loose any digital or analog Pins of the Calliope Mini.

I made some custom-blocks for to add easy to use functions for controlling the fischertechnik switches:

If you want to use fototransistors on your project try:

But pay attention. The logic still uses the 3,3V of the Calliope Mini. No Level-shifter or anything else is used to protect your Calliope Mini!

Jun 26,2019
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