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Gull Wing Lead

A surface mounted device lead which flares outward from the device body. 

Guided Probe Method

A technique for volume production of PCBs based on incoming inspection to catch the majority of device failures and inspection prior to populating, that will eliminate most manufacturing errors.


Ground Plane Clearance

Removed portions of a ground plane that serves to isolate it form a hole in the base material to which the plane is attached

Ground Plane

A conductor layer, or portion of a conductor layer, used as a common reference point for circuit returns, shielding, or heat sinking. All those areas, not consumed by traces or pads, of the PCB which are left unetched and tied to the ground on the board.


An orthogonal network of two sets of parallel, equidistant lines used for locating points on a printed circuit board.

Go/No-Go Test

Procedure to yield only pass or fail.

Glob Top

A coating process in which a set portion of resin is dispensed on the top of a chip or board. After spreading over the entire surface ,it is cured to form a soild protective coating.

Glass Epoxy

A material used to fabricate printed circuit boards. The base material (fibre-glass) is impregnated with an epoxy filler which then must have copper laminated to its outer surface to form the material required to manufacture printed circuit board.


Laminate made from woven glass fibre material impregnated with polyimide resin.


Vector-based language, developed by Gerber Scientific Instrument Company, for sending commands to photoplotters.

Gas Blanket

A flowing inert gas atmosphere used to keep metal from oxidizing.