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Example printed circuit boards manufactured by us.

We have the PCB manufacturing capabilities to build simple to complex bare boards.
Please review the example printed circuits below and let us know if you have any
questions or would like a formal quote.

Focus on high-end PCB design, R&D, production, sales, provide customers with high-level, high-speed, high-frequency, high-end,
high-density, high-difficulty HDI PCB design and other types of PCB proofing, customization, board manufacturing and bulk online
order purchase service. The products have covered high-end HDI buried blind hole PCB, 5G communication PCB board, high frequency
and high speed PCB, optical module PCB, semiconductor test, aerospace PCB circuit board and many other fields.

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IC test board

IC test board
Min Hole Size
Board thickness and via diameter ratio
Minimum spacing from hole to conductor
Surface Finish
Immersion gold(ENIG)
Application field
IC test board
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Product Details
Advanced Technology

1.Up to 64 layer processing technology, the minimum trace and space is 2.5 / 2.5mil, the highest  ratio of board thickness and hole diameter is 16:1.
2. Long and short gold finger processing technology and high-density trace’s precision control to meet the design requirements of photoelectric communication products.
3. High-precision back-drilling technology to reduce the equivalent series inductance of vias and in case to meet the product’s integrity requirements of signal transmission;

4. Advanced metal-based and ultra-thick copper manufacturing process to meet the high heat dissipation requirements of power products.

5. High-precision mechanical and laser depth control technology to achieve multi-level step groove product’s structure and meet the different levels of assembly requirements.
6. The mature mixed pressure process realizes the mixing of FR-4 and high-frequency materials, and saves the material cost for customers under the premise of achieving the high-frequency performance of the products.
7. Advanced Anti-CAF process technology greatly improves the reliability and service life of PCB products.
8. Advanced buried capacitor and buried resistor technology greatly improve the performance of PCB products.

9. Advanced inner layer exposed technology meets the information transmission requirements of high frequency circuits.

Strict Quality Control

1. UL certification.
2. ISO9001:2008 quality certification.
3. ISO/TS1694:2009 certification.
4. Strictly manage the processing of customized products according to IPC6012 II /III/customer standard/enterprise internal standard.
5. Strict management for customer information confidentiality.

Advanced Processing And Testing Equipment

1.Orbotech AOI (automatic optical inspection) machine imported from Israel for detecting high-precision circuits.
2.The high-precision impedance tester imported from the United States meets the impedance test requirement.
3. PLASMA plasma processing equipment, used for hole wall degumming of PTFE, ceramic fillers and other high-frequency material.
4. Ende CNC drilling machine imported from Taiwan for back drilling and deep hole control.
5. Orbotech LDI machine (laser direct imaging) imported from Israel for graphic transfer of high-precision circuits.
6. Ende CNC numerical control molding machine imported from Taiwan, used for deep-groove milling of stepped groove structure products.
7. BURKLE lamination imported from Germany for multi-layer boards pressing.
8. Vacuum resin plugging machine for hole plug in BGA panel of ultra high-precision circuits.
9. Ion staining tester, anti-stripping strength tester, hole copper tester, secondary element tester, copper thickness tester and other reliability testing equipment to ensure product quality.

High-quality Raw Materials

1. PCB substrate materials: Select the top brands in the industry: Shengyi, ROGERS, ARLON, TACONIC, 3M, Omega, etc.

2. Auxiliary materials: Rohm and Haas electroplating syrup, Hitachi dry film, Taiyo ink, Noda resin, etc.

Fast And Efficient Service Capabilities

1. Efficient service
1 minute to respond to customers, 1H to reply results, 1 day to solve problems, 1 week to complete service.

2. Fast delivery (work day,China Time Zone(GMT+8))

LayersBuild Time(H:hours)
2 Layers18H+1days
4 Layers24H+1days
6-8 Layers48H+1days
10-12 Layers72H+1days
14-22 Layers96H+1days
≥24 Layers120H+1days
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