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International Order & Shipping Information

General Information

PCBWay currently offers international shipping service to over 170 countries and several CN Territories.

Usually we can arrange shippment within 2-4 days after you place order. The delivery timeframe may vary according to the destination and the shipping option you selected when you place order. Each option has a different average delivery time.

International Express – Shipments are delivered in 3-7 days after it leaves our International shipping facility.

International Economy – Shipments are delivered in 5-20 days after it leaves our International shipping facility.

These Shipping timeframes are in addition to the standard shipping time for an item to arrive at the international shipping facility from the PCBWay warehouse.

Shipping Charges

Shipping rates and fees will vary based on the item and shipping destination.

Our site will always display your order total in the dollar, including any shipping rates or fees.There are no additional shipping charges when the product arrives at your door.


International shipping rates are calculated during checkout based on your desired service level (International Economy or International Express), item type and quantity, total weight of your order, and the destination’s postal code. Does not include tariffs, taxes, and other fees such as remote fees, special parts, etc

If you have any question with ordering, feel free to contact us.

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