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What should I do to change gerber file, parts and BOM during soldering?

1.Change board (What should I do to change new gerber file for producing new PCB?)

A:Parts checking stage (We just check the parts and do not begin soldering)

  • Please redesign the wrong pads according to the suggested pads design on data sheet of parts and it is better to check other pads to see is it with mistake or not. Then using the new gerber file to make a new PCB order on our website and make a note to replace previous PCB. When making new order, please make sure the order parameter is the same as before.

  • Tell us the new order number and the place that you adjusted on new order. It is also necessary to tell us the way that you need us to treat for your previous wrong PCBs. You can ask us to ship the wrong PCBs to you or throw it away.

  • If you need to update the BOM, please highlight the new parts added on the BOM and we will quote the new parts that you added on BOM.

B: Sample picture confirming stage(We already soldered all the SMD parts)

We need to remove all the SMD parts on old wrong PCB and solder again on new PCB.

2.Chaning parts

a: It is really important to confirm the new parts can match pads on PCB. So we can avoid the problem to purchase wrong parts and wave money and time.

b: Please tell us the way that you need us to do for the wrong parts. You can choose to ship those parts together with your PCB or just ask us to throw it away.

3.Changing BOM

a: Please tell us the places that you changed on new BOM

b: Please make sure the description can match model number on BOM for every parts.

c: Please make sure the QTY needed and designators matched on PCB.

d: Please write DNP for those parts that do not need us to solder and it is better to add

Strikethrough on that line.

4.Why the PTH parts do not solder on PCB when checking sample pictures?

We just put the PTH parts on the position it should be during sample pictures stage. After customers confirmed the sample picture, we will solder those PTH parts on PCB. That is for easy correction after customers found position or direction problems of PTH parts. 

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