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Meet The Winners of 4th PCB Design Contest

by: Dec 31,2021 10042 Views 10 Comments Posted in News

pcb design contest

Since the 4th pcb design comtest was held in Aug, we have received 335 projects, which greatly exceeded our expectations,it is the highest number of entries in our history for the PCB design contest.Thanks a lot for all your support.

Then our judges also spent more time reviewing all the projects,thanks for the judges.

The selection of the winning works was very difficult for us and the jury deliberated until the very last moment. Considering the aspects of project and content quality, the winners are finally listed as follows:

1.The First Prize($1500 Cash+$200 Coupon+Raspberry Pi 4G *1)--1 Winner

DIY 1kW Open Source MPPT Solar Charge Controller---TechBuilder

2.The Second Prize($1000 Cash+$100 Coupon+Raspberry Pi 3 B+ *1)--2 Winners

Solar Powered WiFi Weather Station V3.0----Debasish Dutta

ULX3S - University digital Logic Learning Xtensible board release 3 with SDRAM--- GoranMahovlic

3.The Third Prize($500 Cash+$50 Coupon+Arduino Uno Rev3 *1)--3*Winners

Jigglypuff IoT Carbon Dioxide and Dust Monitor (Tracker) w/ Telegram--- Kutluhan Aktar

Smart thermometer v2 using esp-01f---Srinivasan M

Pocket Science Lab---Padmal

4.Popular Prize($100 Cash+$20 Coupon+Digital High-Precision Automatic Multimeter *1)--10 winners

mutantC v4 - Display PCB--Md Shaber Ur Rahman

ISLA DIY Autonomous Robot---Bettyssidepiece

OBJEX Link v1.6-C3 RISC-V---Salvatore Raccardi

Andromeda Rocket Flight Controller - avionics---Christian Ferracane

Thor ControlPCB---Angel LM

NovaSM3 v5.2c - UPDATED 2021-10-21---Christopher Locke

uTerm2-S: a multi-emulation color RS232 terminal---Just4Fun

Smart Doorbell---Sebastian

Green BMS Interface board v.0.1---Sergio Ghirardelli

SwarmUS - a swarm robotic platform---SwarmUS Pr.

Thanks to all the participants,Your products are very good.

Congratulations to winners and we will contact you soon about the award

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