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Delay Information About DHL Service

by: Jan 12,2022 3913 Views 10 Comments Posted in News

Dear Customer,

Latest update 2022/1/20 GMT+8: Personnel at the port began to resume work one after another last night. For the orders from 7th to 11th, there were direct flights from Europe and America in the early morning of 21st, and it is expected that they will be cleaned up before next Monday.

Latest update 2022/1/17 GMT+8: DHL logistics delivery has returned to normal, but the logistics speed may be slower than usual.

Latest update 2022/1/14 GMT+8: DHL logistics delivery will gradually return to normal, but the orders delivered from January 7 to January 11 are stranded in DHL Shenzhen Port Center for disinfection, it will take a few more days to leave.

Latest Update 2022/1/12 GMT+8: DHL pick-up and delivery service will delay for several days due to the positive cases screening of the epidemic at the DHL Shenzhen Port Center.

Carrying out nucleic acid detection of the new coronavirus in the population is of great significance for early diagnosis and treatment, epidemic prevention and control, and resumption of work and production. Nucleic acid testing among close contacts and the general public can help early detection of infected people, especially those who have been infected with the virus but have not yet developed symptoms, so that early isolation and treatment measures can be taken to avoid infecting others It also reduces the risk of developing severe disease.

The logistics policy will change at any time. Please pay attention to our PCBWay news.


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