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Best Shots with PCBWay - Results of 1st PCBWay Share your Order Feedback Activity

by: Jan 14,2022 2168 Views 2 Comments Posted in News

Photography PCB winners results

Our very first "Share your Order Feedback" activity has ended successfully, and we’d love to thank you all for your attention and active participation. We received over 700 feedbacks from our customers. After a careful review, we selected some amazing feedbacks and here are the results. The rewards will be added to winners’ PCBWay account in the following week. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to send an email to media@pcbway.com.

Grand Prize - 1 feedback

Winner: Anemosens sensor PCB by Nerdiy

1st Prize - 1 feedback

Winner: OBJEX Link v1.7-C3 RISCV by Salvatore Raccardi

2nd Prize - 3 feedbacks 

Winner 1: Led fireworks by Omank Kacau

Winner 2: Amiga Laser Mouse by Rafal Nocun

Winner 3: Hub Controler PCB for WinDIY_2 my 3D printed wind turbine

3rd Prize - 5 feedbacks

Winner 1: Vacuum Tubes PreAmplifier by ELECTRONOOBS

Winner 2: Simple PWM_1. by roshansky

Winner 3: Ratmi macropad by Sandipratama

Winner 4: Badge Arduino Day by Antonio_Raptors

Winner 5: Snek by Adam Zeloof

Recognition Awards - 10 feedbacks

Winner 1: SMRL Wearable Device University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Winner 2: Amiga 500 Clockport Adapter by djbase

Winner 3: Beacon with high battery life by Antonio_Raptors

Winner 4: Open Smartwatch Bezel by Paul Smith

Winner 5: LED Driver PCB by Yehor Kirieiev

Winner 6: Vampire 1200 CF IDE Adapter by djbase

Winner 7: Crtuchito! By Antonio_Raptors

Winner 8: MikroDash by Antonio_Raptors

Winner 9: Generative CAD design - Startup by david_digo

Winner 10: benjiaomodular

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