MicroCare Circuit Board Cleaners Make Improved Down-Hole Logging Tools Possible

The evolution of "smart" drilling, with advanced electronics being widely adapted for down-hole logging, has advanced enormously over the past 40 years. With this has come the problem of cleaning the devices to keep them reliable, accurate and efficient. MicroCare Corp., a world-leading manufacturer of critical cleaners, has evolved several products that help to prolong the life of these intricate devices and avoid the costs of down-hole failures. Two particular products, Heavy Duty Degreaser -...

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Scientists develop new circuit board modeled on human brain

The Neurogrid circuit board can simulate orders of magnitude more neurons and synapses than other brain mimics on the power it takes to run a tablet computer. Stanford scientists have developed a new circuit board modeled on the human brain, possibly opening up new frontiers in robotics and computing. For all their sophistication, computers pale in comparison to the brain. The modest cortex of the mouse, for instance, operates 9,000 times faster than a personal computer simulation of its funct...

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Circuit Board 'Brain': Are We Ready for 'Transcendence'?

Bioengineers at Stanford University have modeled a circuit board after the human brain. There is still a long way to go before it will be as big, powerful, and efficient as an actual brain, but it's still a huge step forward -- 9,000 times faster than the typical computer. Will this technology make brain upload -- such as that seen in the movie Transcendence -- possible? Current practical uses will come first Scientists at Stanford believe that the technology could be used to move prosthetic l...

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Cleaning the Blank PCB helps to Prevent Defects

Before it can be used, the blank circuit board must be clean. Immaculately clean. No dust, or fingerprints, or specks of oil, and no oxide layer. It is best to do this immediately before making the circuit board so the copper does not have time to oxidize. Oxidized copper traps oil, prevents the resist from sticking, prevents the PCB etchant from etching, and can't be soldered. Steps InvolvedThere is an order that should be followed when cleaning a circuit board: 1.Remove the oxide layer (th...

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What Is a Solderless Circuit Board?

Solderless circuit boards are excellent ways of testing designs for appliances and circuits. They do not require many tools or solder so you can use a solderless circuit board over and over again. Solderless circuit boards work well in a laboratory or classroom setting. FunctionSolderless circuit boards are used for prototyping and designing applications. The circuit board allows electronic components to be made into circuits throughout the boards without the use of tools, solder or any permane...

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How to Recover Scrap Gold From Circuit Boards

There is as much as 1 oz. of gold in every ton of scrap circuit boards from older computers and electronics that have been discarded. Obtaining this gold is a matter of separating the gold bearing material from the plastic and other metals and then chemically recovering the gold and refining it to a reasonable purity level. Gold recovery and refining on a small scale can be performed in the back yard with some specialized equipment and some widely available chemicals. Instructions 1 Remove ...

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How to Read Transistors on a Circuit Board

Transistors come in different styles, and all differ; the most common two types are PNP and NPN. The circuit board labels the emitter, collector and base; also known as the ECB. After you know how to read the transistors on the circuit board, then you will be able to test them using your electronic testing equipment. Instructions 1 Look at the circuit board for the marking that is near the transistor. The marking may also be underneath the transistor. 2 Notice the arrows with a line at the p...

Circuit Board PCB board

How to Make a Circuit Board

circuit boards have enabled electronics to leap forward in terms of complexity and consumer convenience. The simple sheet of non-conducting material with thin copper tracks etched onto one surface did away with wires and enabled complex circuits to be fitted into tiny spaces. Thin copper tracks replace wires, and the non-conducting sheet forms a strong base to mount the components on. Producing your own circuit board is a straightforward task requiring no previous electronic or engineering exper...

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Circuit Board Tools

There are two types of tools that can be used to create and repair circuit boards: soldering tools and hand tools. Circuit boards require their own tools mainly due to the size of most circuit boards. The components of the boards are very small and cannot be put into place and connected using standard tools. Micro DrillThe micro drill performs many functions when repairing or making a circuit board. The micro droll can cut circuits, slots, holes, leads and shapes. The main functions of the dril...

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Identifying the Source of PCB Corrosion

Being able to determine the cause of corrosion on a printed circuit board assembly will allow you to be able to both clean up the corrosion and prevent further issues from arising. Contamination can be caused from a variety of sources, including packaging, installation, the environment and the application itself. There are a number of steps that you can take to find the culprit on your PCB and remove it. A scanning electron microscope (SEM) can help determine the elemental composition of the cor...

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Printed Circuit Board Gold Recovery Facts

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, obsolete computers contain considerable amounts of recoverable materials, including gold from their circuit boards. In fact, one ton of computer scrap contains more gold than 17 tons of gold ore. Manual RecoveryA simple, but labor-intensive, method of recovering gold from circuit boards is to manually scrape it from the edges of connectors and other parts of the board. This method requires time and patience, but can recover a high percentage of gold. C...

Circuit Board PCB board

How to Remove Components From a Circuit Board

Electronic circuit boards contain individual components soldered onto them which work with each other to regulate and to manipulate the flow of electricity. If any of the individual components wear out or become damaged, the rest of the circuit will not behave in a calibrated, predictable manner. When such a component requires replacement, the metallic solder holding it on the board must be melted and removed before the component may be lifted from the board and replaced. Instructions 1 Prehe...

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How to Dismantle a Circuit Board

A circuit board has interconnecting electronic components that have been mounted to it. Circuit boards are found in electronic devices such as computers, phones and gaming systems. There are a few kinds of circuit boards. Breadboards are temporary boards that have not had permanent connections made. Stripboards have copper strips that run parallel on one side of it. Printed circuit boards (PCB) have tracks of copper that connect the holes in which the components are positioned. Stripboards and P...

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Circuit Board Infrared Inspection Techniques

Infrared inspection of printed circuit boards (PCBs) uses heat that is emitted. This requires the presence of some current. Infrared inspection can provide information not available from optical inspections due to variations of heat emitted in different parts of the PCB. The circuit boards can be compared to known standards. Image subtraction using computer software is another technique for infrared inspection. Temperature ProfilesFlaws in printed circuit boards can cause variations in tempera...

Circuit Board printed circuit boards (PCBs)

PCB Metal Core Heat Characteristics

Electronic components can overheat. Whether the components are in a cell phone, computer or e-reader, any electronic equipment that has a circuit board generates heat and needs a way to draw that heat away without burning out the systems. Some equipment has a built-in fan. Other equipment relies on printed circuit boards with metal cores to manage heat distribution. Thermal Conductivity PropertyThe properties of PCB require heat management to transfer heat into a thermal sink that allows elect...

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Advanced Circuits' Bare Board Electrical Testing Capabilities

We currently have two different types of testing equipment available to test your circuit boards; we have a number of Everett Charles ATG test machines that are flying probe, fixtureless testers and we also have universal grid testing capability. These machines use fixtures built specifically for your PCB. Bare board testing involves using capacitance and resistance tests; each of our machines uses a combination of both. Capacitance testing for a bare board involves testing for opens and shorts...

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How to Mount a Circuit Board in an Electronic Project Box

printed circuit boards are sheets of fiberglass or other material embedded with electrical conductors. Conductive pads allow electrical components to be soldered in place. circuit boards are found in nearly every electronic device, and are the predominant technology by which electrical circuits are assembled. While printed circuit boards are flexible, they can be damaged by mechanical shock or flexing. As a result, they require sturdy mounting to protect them from damage. The boards also contain...

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How to Replace Parts on a Circuit Board

Many problems that circuit boards have may be repaired by replacing defective parts. You do not have to be an electronics engineer to remove and replace bad parts. Parts that commonly need to be replaced include capacitors, transistors and various electronic chips. If, through visual inspection or through circuit analysis, you can identify which part is defective, you can usually repair a circuit board. Instructions 1 Identify which part you want to replace on your circuit board. On the oth...

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How to Mount a Circuit Board

Mounting an electronic circuit board requires precision, skill with hand tools, patience and a working knowledge of the circuit to be mounted. Results may vary. Safety is the responsibility of the individual doing this work. See the Link "Hand and Power Tools" for OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) safety recommendations. Also note the warnings below. Instructions 1 Gather critical dimensions. Measure the longest distance any circuit component extends above, below or to any s...

Circuit Board printed circuit board

Circuit Board Parts & Tools

All electronic devices, such as televisions and phones, contain one or more printed circuit boards or PCBs. A typical PCB contains a number of electronic components connected together through copper lines on the board. The components are held on the board through electrically conducting bonds between their terminals as well as by pads on the board. A number of tools are required to install and repair components on a PCB. Active Electronic ComponentsAn active electronic component is a device th...

Circuit Board printed circuit board(PCB)

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