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How to Dismantle a Circuit Board

by: Mar 10,2014 3115 Views 0 Comments Posted in Engineering Technical

Printed circuit boards (PCB) Circuit Board

A circuit board has interconnecting electronic components that have been mounted to it. Circuit boards are found in electronic devices such as computers, phones and gaming systems. There are a few kinds of circuit boards. Breadboards are temporary boards that have not had permanent connections made. Stripboards have copper strips that run parallel on one side of it. Printed circuit boards (PCB) have tracks of copper that connect the holes in which the components are positioned. Stripboards and PCBs can be dismantled with a few tools, while breadboards require no dismantling.


1 Remove all of the wires from the circuit board to open up room to work on the rest of the board. Cut the wire with a wire cutter and thread it back through the hole in which it was inserted.

2 Flip the board over so that you see the back side with the solder. Lay the tip of a hot soldering iron against the board and a soldered component for one to two seconds or until the solder is reduced to a liquid state. The soldering iron should be 15 to 30 watts.

3 Press down the plunger end of a solder sucker until you hear or feel it click and immediately place the nozzle into the liquid solder. The plunger will pop up, taking the solder with it. Repeat until all of the solder is removed. The solder tip may soften, but take caution not to melt it.

4 Pull off the components that are now no longer connected by solder.

5 Cut a slit in a line of copper on the board, using a cutting knife. Pry the end of the cut copper up with tweezers. Grip the open end of the cut copper with pliers and separate the line by peeling it from the board. Repeat this step for every line of copper on the board until the board is completely bare.

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