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2 Line, shift out, 4 digit, 1 inch 7 segment displays.


The reset lines are all tied together and pulled up by R36, if pulled low all the displays will clear, I just shift all 0's. The Reset line is to being held high to accept data.

Using the J1, J2, J3,

J1, J2, J3 are modified 0603 foot print as a jumper, only SEG_1 will work if the Js' are not jumped.

The displays can be controlled individually, this will require each clock line to driven separately, and the J1, J2, J3 to be jumped to the center pin to the DATA side position 3 of the jumper.

Using the Displays in series, the J1, J2, J3 need to have the center pin jumped to the output of the previous chip position 1 of the jumper.  And all the clock lines jumped together a J4


Based on 5V

All 0603's 28ea 1K24, 4ea 2K6, 1ea 22K,

4ea MC74HC164A(or equivelant),  

4ea 15123 OP 1in 7 segment Common Cathode Display(

I put a thin piece of pink anti-static foam in front to difuse the light.

November 09,2017
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  • #74164 can i replace with orher ic ex. 74595 ? or 4094 ?

    i**ell 2017-12-11 22:51:33 Reply

    Sorry no, neither is a drop in replacement, the clock and data pins are not in compatible locations. The footprint on the PCB is a SOIC-14 pin. Digi-key MC74HC164ADR2GOSCT-ND, or Mouser 863-MC74HC164ADR2G