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BGA components design and assebly

Dear PCBWay team,We are planning to design and assembly a PCB based on component packages 169-UFBGA, 48-TFBGA and 24-TBGA (below component datasheets).https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hb7V2dKdQwzR6jNW...

[Others] What are those "plus signs"?

How can I avoid adding the three plus signs, shown, that are not part of my design? What are they called? I'm using Ultiboard.

[Others] Room violation in Altium.

All my components show they have violations. When I check them they all state something about a Room Violation. Do I have to have one? Thanks for any help.

[PCB] PCB machine features

I wanted to make single side and double sided pcb board. What are the features that I should look for in a pcb machine??like what brand to use, power consumption etc. Can anyone advice..!!
  • answered Oct 29,2020
    by Alex C
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