[PCB Design] When drawing the principle gallery, do I need to center the symbol of components at the origin?

when drawing my own principal gallery, do I need to center the symbol of components at the origin after drawing?

[PCB Design] How about this layout in AD18?

Is this layout correct? Need advice

[PCB] What design techniques should be paid attention to when designing DC motor drive PCB?

In order to implement a successful PCB design using motor driver ICs, the PCB must be carefully laid out. Can you provide some practical suggestions, hoping to help PCB design to achieve the good elec...

[PCB Design] BGA components design and assebly

Dear PCBWay team,We are planning to design and assembly a PCB based on component packages 169-UFBGA, 48-TFBGA and 24-TBGA (below component datasheets).https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hb7V2dKdQwzR6jNW...

[PCB] How to add through solder pads of different shapes in Eagle Board?

I searched everywhere and watched many eagle tutorials, but I couldn't find out how to place circle and square through hole solder pads.In the Eagle parts list, I only found the octagon solder pad...
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