AD20 Study Notes 3/3

Engineer asked Sep 29,2022

36. about power laying copper

Analog ground, power supply and digital ground, power supply is not the same, in the negative layer isolation. Double-click the isolation area to add a network.

37. Reduce interference

1. RJ45 interference suppression method: hollow all layers, P --> polygon rectangle hollow

2. Punch a hole for layer where the hole gnd is put

3. Stitching GND holes: THA, constrained area - raster 150mil - size 12.22 - select network GND- --forced oil cover--determined (provided copper is overlaid)

4. Bottom and top layer copper cladding

38. silkscreen adjustment

1. Select a silkscreen, right click - find similar objects - the first option to select the same OK - size 30.5mil

(6 times)

2. Select a component, only open the device selection, full selection of devices, AP adjust the location of the screen print

3. lower right corner of the paneis -- view can only select a layer to view.

4. View V can be flipped under the board

39. LOGO

1. LOGO into monochrome bitmap -- import -- convert -- paneis -- properties --select logo --change layer to topoverlay

2. Select all LOGO right-click - combine, select combine again and resize.

3. Add logo in the screen printing layer: screen printing layer add string - format to turn type.

40. DRC Check

TD - stop monitoring select larger - select rule - run

41. Organize information

Add comments to each layer, add measurements at the mechanical layer

1. gerber file output

FF-- gerber Files --generic inch ratio 2: 4 --draw layer select used- --mirror layer select all  removed --layer mechanical layer above all selected --select unconnected intermediate layer  pads --drill layer --- Select all

Large options -- Advanced -- xyz Add a 0 -- OK -- pameis -- CAMtastic

2. Drill files

FF -- NC Drill files -- OK

3. ipc netlist

FF-- test point report -- format select IPC -- OK the above 3 items can not be saved.

4. assembly drawing :

FM -- current document -- next -- pab print settings -- right click on the first large option --  Create Assmbly Drawings

5. bom table

Report the first option of R - select the output content - output format, template - export

6. Coordinate files.

FB - generates pick . --default--OK.

42. Single-layer display pcb:

Tap on the corresponding layer, shift+s

43. highlight network

CTRL + mouse click a line , the entire line of the NET network is highlighted

44. Change the alignment mode.


45. M+I

You can select all the components, flip over.

46. board inversion


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