What surface finish can be chosen for 3D printing

For most resin materials:Spray paintingSpray painting is one of the main coloring processes for 3D printed products. It is the application of specific pigments to the surface of 3D printed produc...

surface finish 3D printing surface treatment

What is the Purpose of Plating Nickel on PCB?

The chemical element symbol of nickel is Ni. Because of its excellent physical, mechanical, and chemical properties, nickel has many applications in engineering and industry, such as anti-corrosion, i...

ENIG Nickel Plating IMC Passivation Matte Tin Surface Treatment OSP

Common Surface Treatment Processes

Surface treatment purposeThe most basic purpose of surface treatment is to ensure good solderability or electrical properties. Since copper in nature tends to exist in the form of oxides in the air, i...

Surface treatment

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