A Secure & Open-source Mesh Wi-Fi --- Maxwell

Different from other proprietary and closed source protocols for the mesh networking, Maxwell allows users extend the functionality of their Maxwell nodes, providing users with full and unfettered access to their networks up to 17 mesh router nodes and 230 simultaneo based on OpenWRT.Automated mesh setup and dynamic route optimization, which makes it easy to use. Also, Maxwell guarantees privacy and security through the latest WPA2 (client) and WPA3-SAE (mesh) encryption, with seamless hand-off ...

OpenWRT Maxwell mesh Wi-Fi open-source

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2 PCBWay Support 9
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4 Scott Lee Card 2
5 SYMO 2
6 Engineer 2
7 VinmaMat 1
8 Neil Swiff 1
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10 Bob Meizlik 1
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