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A Secure & Open-source Mesh Wi-Fi --- Maxwell

by: Dec 17,2020 1935 Views 0 Comments Posted in Activities

open-source mesh Wi-Fi Maxwell OpenWRT

Different from other proprietary and closed source protocols for the mesh networking, Maxwell allows users extend the functionality of their Maxwell nodes, providing users with full and unfettered access to their networks up to 17 mesh router nodes and 230 simultaneo based on OpenWRT.

Automated mesh setup and dynamic route optimization, which makes it easy to use. Also, Maxwell guarantees privacy and security through the latest WPA2 (client) and WPA3-SAE (mesh) encryption, with seamless hand-off via 802.11r when moving clients between mesh nodes. By the way, Maxwell scripts on each node gather information and feed it to a dashboard, it means that you can monitor all the details with your mesh.

Features & Specifications

  • Dual-band nodes: AC 1300-2100 Mb/s class MU-MIMO router

Dual 800 MHz+ CPU

128+ MB RAM & Flash

2+ Gb Ethernet ports

6+ antennas

  • Tri-band nodes: AC 2200-3000 Mb/s class MU-MIMO router

Dedicated 5 GHz backhaul channel

Dual 800 MHz+ CPU

128+ MB RAM & Flash

4+ Gb Ethernet ports

8+ external high-gain antennas

  • Outdoor station nodes: AC 1200 Mb/s class router

PoE connection

Weatherproof design

2+ high-power, high-gain antennas

Check out the source code and the documentation


Maxwell is designed by Andy Haas, and it is currently in the crowdfunding stage in CrowdSupply. If you are interested in this mesh Wi-Fi, give your support!

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