Hi there this is my first version of cyborg hand

the reason i designed this board is to help hand disabled people , while on internet you can find EMG modules this board is fully integrated with multiple sensors in small size , that can attach temp sensor to know the objects temp, also it has a vibration output that warning the person who wear it instead of using buzzer , 

On fingers i just attached 4 proximity sensors that can be useful for giving feedback to the user that every finger is gust gripping the object well

Due to the different signals between every person i intended to make an integrated setup that can calibrate the hand input signals and save it in the eeprom




-main controller atmega328p-tqfp compatible with arduino

-temperature sensor lm35dz that attached to thumb finger 

- the muscle sensor using AD8221 to carry out the muscle differential voltage and send this signals to the microcontroller , through TL48pw which working as 4 stage amplifier .

- The circuit is monitoring the battery voltage and current using ADS1115 A/D converter which sensing each battery voltage and report it to the mcu via I2C protocol 

- The output data needed by user can be monitored via I2C screen 

- Input data and setup can be configured only via serial, Bluetooth, or via preconfigured IR remote control.

- The board has built-in usb to serial converter using WCH340g chip

-there is real time clock on the board using I2C protocol as well

-ir sensors are connected via analog in to the mcu

- The movement output can be achieved only using servo motors 

- There is IR transmitter built-in that can store and clone a lot of remote controls in one device

-memory slot to store the whole user data and usage patterns 


All media related to this project will be shared soon


Sep 20,2018
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