Communication Module using XBEE and LoRa modules.

It uses an Arduino compatible microcontroller (STM32F103) which can be programmed using Arduino IDE as the board include a micro USB. This board is meant to be used in ambiental and IoT metering applications. It supports a lot of features such as solar panel, battery controller, GPS, pressure, temperature an even a Crypo authentication IC in applications that require more security when communicating in certains LoRa or XBEE network.

This node or gateway board can be mounted on top of a raspberry pi to act as the gateway instead of a standard remote node. This project was tested during a research project at PUCPR brazilian university.

The BOM is targeted to achieve a very low price, and to use all the MCU pins, for this reason the Layout is really beautiful.


  • MCU STM32F103C8T6

  • Barometric Pressure;

  • Relative Air Humidity;

  • Light Sensor (LUX);

  • Temperature Sensor oC;

  • Inflammable gas sensor (MQ-2);

  • Conector for soil mosure sensor;

  • Rain sensor Conector;

  • Wind direction and speed sensors connectors;

  • LoRa SX1278/Compatible Radio Connectivity

  • XBEE Radio Connectivity;

  • Crypto Authentication dedicated IC;

  • Low power GPS/BDS included;

  • Sleep mode allowing consption under 1mA

  • Selection switch to allow GPS and XBEE configuration;

  • Battery charger circuit fot 4.2V lition cell.

  • Solar panel 12V switch circuit.

  • Usb connection for easy programming and firmware debug.

  • External Serial connection other boards communication.

  • 1 Wire communicatino support (PJON SWBB).

  • Status LED


This project uses the board support package from Roger Clark: https://github.com/rogerclarkmelbourne/Arduino_STM32

See photos of the mounted board

Dec 12,2018
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