### The H bridge that looks like an H

I wanted the simplest possible H bridge circuit for educational purposes.  That is, I wanted a board  where the capital "H" is clear enough that one can teach someone how the circuit works just by looking at it and pointing to where the current flows on the board.  This board has two H bridges, both of which have a big white "H" silkscreened on.  


The only component needed is the IRF7862 MOSFET, which is a 8 pin surface mount chip.  You can just use 4 transistors if you want only a single H bridge, or all 8 to make a dual H bridge capable of driving a stepper motor or two DC motors.  The power input is a pair of huge plated holes, and has a pair of holes at each end so that these boards can be chained together to make a number of robot controllers on the same power supply.  

The input is a pattern for a 0.1 inch spacing header, so that it can connect directly to the sockets on a Arduino UNO or MEGA.  


Having a hot air gun for surface mount soldering is useful, and this is a great introductory project for learning to solder surface mount, however it can also be soldered with an iron and solder wire.  Just be careful not to bridge the gate pin to it's neighbors. 

Sep 20,2018
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