To help people living in villages, I made this solar light bulb for providing a low-cost solution by replacing their harmful kerosene lamps. This will empower the world’s poor to replace kerosene with a clean solar-powered light. 

I always prefer to make something from the used things to recycle it. I made this solar light bulb by using used stuff and a few electronics components.

Features :

1. One day charging can give light up to 20-22 lumens (about three times the brightness of a kerosene lamp) for the entire night.

2. A 2000mah AA battery can be charged fully in two days bright sunlight. You can use the hanger as well as the multi-purpose stand for charging. Just hang it on a wire outside or place it at your window.

3. Uses high-quality AA NiMH battery which can work at least for 5 years.

4. Uses a high-quality solar panel to charge the battery.

5. Automatically switches off in bright light to save charge and switch on in dark.

6. Battery over discharge protection circuit.

Advantages :

1. Improves literacy: Solar light bulb improves literacy because people can read after dark more easily than they can by a candle or kerosene lamp. 

2.Saves Energy: As the light is bulb is charged through solar energy (free energy) it saves energy.

3. Reduces air pollution: Use of solar light bulb decreases the amount of local air pollution. With a decrease in the amount of kerosene used for lighting, there is a corresponding reduction in the amount of pollution produced.

4. Reduces greenhouse gases: Solar light bulb gives light with no carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.


1.Solar Panel ( 2V,40mA or 2V 150mA or 2V,300mA )

2. 0.5W Straw Hat White LED ( eBay )

3. Rechargeable AA / AAA battery ( Amazon )

4. IC QX5252F (eBay )

5. 33uH Inductor ( eBay )

6. Switch ( eBay)

8. AA / AAA Battery Holder ( eBay  )



11. Plastic Container

12.Aluminum Hanger

Full Project is available on Open Green Energy 

Feb 18,2019
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