first pcb design Contest


Our project consists in a PCB.

In that PCBs we have a microcontroller in charge of reading sensors located in the sumo's body, so that the robot knows where is the oponent and if the robot is inside the dojo. We are using some algorithms and strategys that drives the motors.  

In the case of the line follower we are using a PID control and a LQR control to making the robot follow the line. To the drive of motors, we are using the H bridge L293d in addition we are using a 4 dip-switch that allow us change our strategy for the sumo competitions


The board need:
    1 Arduino nano
    1 Dip-switch (4 slides)

    6 resistors oh 330 ohms

    2 leds (5mm)

    some male and female pin

    2 capacitors 10microf
    1 7805    

    1 L293d
    1 ON/OFF switch

Jan 02,2018
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