A basic expansion board for Wemos D1 mini for use with Thorrak's ESP8266 BrewPi fork or BrewPiLess. Provides 5V outputs using NPN transistors, and supports a 5V i2c 20x4 LCD through the use of MOSFETs.


20.1μF 25v capacitor0805Digikey 399-1168-1-ND
2NPN transistorSOT23-3Digikey TMBT3904LMCT-ND
2N-channel MOSFETSOT23-3Digikey BSS138-FDICT-ND
410kΩ SMD resistor5%/0.25W/0603Digikey RHM10KDCT-ND
21kΩ SMD resistor5%/0.25W/0603Digikey RHM1.0KDCT-ND
13.3kΩ SMD resistor5%/0.25W/0603Digikey RHM3.3KDCT-ND
62 position terminal blocks2.54mmDigikey A98333-ND
1Breakable header2.54mmDigikey 3M156850-36-ND

Sep 20,2018
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