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The Purpose of PCB Design

by: Nov 16,2018 774 Views 0 Comments Posted in PCB Design & Layout

PCB Design


The purpose of any design is to be able to manufacture successfully and effectively. The design is ineffective if it is divorced from the purpose. PCB design is also for better achieve and improve the speed, cost and quality of manufacturing.

1.    Design of Edge span style="color:#333333;background:white">Positioning Hole:

In order to realize production, PCB panel design and layout must be done well. The edges, on both sides of the PCB board, must be not reserved less than 5 mm, and the positioning holes are arranged on these edges, which plays an important role of fixing in the assembly. In case of insufficient edge reservation, a new edge must be temporarily added, which can be considered to be removed after production is completed.


2.    Design of Reference Mark:

The purpose of the reference mark is to design a set of graphics on the PCB board for the positioning of optical detection, so as to ensure the accuracy of the pasted components. As far as PCB panels are concerned, there should be reference marks on the whole board and on each panel to overcome the problem of inconsistent space between panels. For single components with small pin spacing, the local reference markers should be prevented for accurate positioning, while for the common PCB boards, the reference marks are placed diagonally or along the extension line.


3.    Design of Solder Pad:

For different components and connection modes, different pad designs should be considered, otherwise various problems will easily occur. For example, if the pad is too long, resulting in excessive solder stock and a "Tombstoning" phenomenon. If the pad is too short, which will directly affect the welding strength. If the pad is too wide, which will cause the phenomenon of half-side welding. If the center distance of the pad is not suitable, welding shift or tin ball will appear. Therefore, the designers of PCB board must have professional skills or specific work experience in the welding process, and be able to design the pad according to the unified design specification, so as to avoid production quality problems.



In the electronic information age, the update speed of electronic products is very fast, which means the market competition of electronic products is very fierce. In order to adapt to the market competition, the design of PCB board contains more and more contents, and the design standards and difficulties are increased. Only by grasping the unity of design and production, can we promote each other and achieve the goal of improving market competitiveness. Therefore, we PCBWay will keep up with the trend of the electronic information age, meet our customers’ needs and provide with the best service according to their actual requirements! We are looking forward to your visit!

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