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  2. Winner List of 2017-2018 PCBWay First PCB Design Contest

Winner List of 2017-2018 PCBWay First PCB Design Contest

by: Mar 09,2018 6583 Views 2 Comments Posted in News

Yoreparo SpainLabs 2017 PCB Design Contest

Thanks again for your participation in our first PCB Design Contest. After half a year, we have collected 58 excellent entries.


For more information, Please visit our “Shared Project” page.


All the winners are decided by three organizers, PCBWay, SpainLabs and YoREPARO. For Most Popular Design, there is a formula that includes every factor, “Like” ,“Gerber download” , “ Comment” and “View” on weighted calculation of the result. And for Best Design, the winners are co-determined by three senior electronic engineers from PCBWay, SpainLabs and YoREPARO.


Here is the Winner List 2017-2018 PCBWay First PCB Design Contest!!


Best Design


The First Prize: PSLab Version 4


Award:350$ in cash + 150$ in coupons

Judges' Comments: The first of them is quite interesting, not only for the design of the board itself, but for the usefulness of the PCB itself and the development it has in its software, both for PC and Android.

The Second Prize: Audio amplifier 60W


Award:100$ in cash + 100$ in coupons 

Judges' Comments: The winner I chosen was because of the complexity of the PCB, I think it is a design with everything quite compact and striking without actually testing it or listening to it. It also is accompanied by the documentation of the project and by the complete 3D rendering.

The Third Prize: SmartHome - Wireless Touch Switch (Relay Model)


Award:50$ in cash + 50$ in coupons

Judges' Comments: The last of the winners, and no less deserved than the previous ones ... I highlight it for the originality of the project, and about to the design of the PCB, for the simplicity and care to the smallest detail.



Most Popular Design


The First Prize: Extruder PCB for 3d printer


Award:350$ in cash + 150$ in coupons

The Second Prize: DIY arduboy Handheld


Award:100$ in cash + 100$ in coupons 

The Third Prize: MazMaker_Oshwi_rev1


Award:50$ in cash + 50$ in coupons


Congratulations to you 6 winners and we will contact you soon about the award.

Many thanks to SpainLabs Team and YoREPARO Team for their support of electronic technique forum platform

What's more, PCBWay has donated another $1000 to Brigada de Rescate Topos Tlaltelolco, A.C that is  a non-profit civil association made up of volunteers who provide rescue services, support and assistance to anyone who is in a serious situation.


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